Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yiatube - Athenos Hummus

Back in March Athenos Hummus started running it's first-ever TV campaign for the brand. The series of hilarious spots feature a traditional greek grandmother (YiaYia) who disapproves of everything except for Athenos Hummus.  Athenos has taken it a step further with YiaTube, a custom gadget that features the TV spots, but also allows users to customize YiaYia's disapproval by creating their own video.  Users can either generate a subtitled video of their own featuring YiaYia (you can see the one I created while stuck in an airport after BA cancelled my flight last Friday) or they can download animated GIFs with subtitles (think Meme generator but with a Greek Grandma).  

Overall just a fantastic way of taking great TV commercials extending the life of the campaign by bringing it into the digital space.  Athenos is giving users the tools to create a sense of ownership by enabling them to create personalized, spreadable content that ties back to the brand presence. 

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Note: for some reason this doesn't seem to have gotten a lot of media mentions around the web yet.