Sunday, June 12, 2011

Perrier - Le Club

Le Club Perrier Youtube Channel
'The more people that watch, the hotter the party.'  That's the idea behind the new Le Club Perrier campaign.  Its new YouTube channel features a video of a club scene, accompanied by a thermometer/view meter accompanying the video player.  The more that people watch the video, the more scenes will get unlocked and the hotter/steamier the video will become.  In total there are six levels/videos to unlock before the entire video is complete.  Though it's only be going for a few days, it's already been viewed 2+ million times and has unlocked the first three videos. 

It's a great mechanism to encourage viewers to both share the video and to encourage repeat views/visits as users will come back to see if the channel has progressed to the next level.  In addition to prominent sharing features, the custom gadget also includes a free download of the music track featured in the video.  
The campaign, developed by Ogilvy Paris, will "include a 360-degree integrated effort, including TV/digital media buy, point-of-sale materials and mobile. “Le Club Perrier” will be rolled out around the world in the US, Canada, Belgium and France and will run through the end of the summer."

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