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Friday, October 19, 2012

Electrolux - Now You're Cooking

The way that people cook at home has been undergoing a revolution over the past few years.  For many people, the recipe book has been replaced by their laptop, phone or tablet.  A host of great cooking apps and content have been created to meet this shift in user behavior.  There are a ton of brands that have gotten into the act, creating recipes, apps, etc. but this latest creation from House Of Radon for Electrolux has me going 'why the hell didn't I think of that!?'

The recipe videos are beautifully shot, but it's one small tweak that makes them standout.  Each of the videos has a 'cooking mode.'  When enabled, cooking mode pauses the video at each of the steps rather than just playing all the way through.  It's a small change and doesn't seem like much, but it perfectly fits with how people cook at home allowing the technology to adapt to the user rather than asking the user to adapt to the technology (eg. constantly rewinding or pausing the video manually).

Unfortunately, the video player they are using is bespoke and I can't seem to embed it here, but see the video capture below.  I also see no reason why this couldn't be done using annotations on YouTube in the future.
Check it out here at the Electrolux - Now You're Cooking tumblr or go directly to one of the video recipes.

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