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Monday, June 10, 2013

Points - The Most Advanced Directional Sign On Earch

I absolutely despise the term Internet Of Things.  Thankfully a more elegant and descriptive phrase is on the rise.  The term enchanted objects (originally coined by MIT Professor and product designer, David Rose) perfectly captures the essence of the latest creation from the folks at Breakfast NY.

My description really won't do it justice.  Simply put, points is the world's most advanced street sign.  More than that, Points demonstrates how imparting connectivity on every day objects has the potential to make them into something far superior to the original.  Check out the video below.

I highly recommend heading over to the Breakfast NY website to read more about the Points project.  You can imagine how Points can grow an evolve as technology changes and the sign becomes personalized for each user who encounters it.  You can try it out live via Twitter by using the hashtag #PointsSign and watch Points display your tweet and point to where you are in the world.

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