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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Interrail Mobile - Global Pass

A generation ago backpacking around Europe was a rite of passage for college-age youth with a little bit of money to spare.  While the center of gravity for the backpacking experience has moved to SE Asia, training it around Europe for a summer or for a few weeks at a time is still a popular travel experience.  In order to promote their European wide unlimited train ticket, Interrail and Havas have created a fantastic piece of utility for their customers.  Interrail have partnered with mobile operators around Europe to provide a SIM card that allows travelers to use data and make cheap calls regardless of what country they are in for the duration of their travels.  The aptly named Interrail Mobile is sold directly on the Interrail site and provides an invaluable service to their youth-oriented market; the ability to stay in touch and post updates to their social networks throughout their travels.

Giving their customers a cheap and easy way to stay connected to social media and document their journey not only eliminates a huge paint point for travelers, but also allows Interrail to leverage word of mouth among their customers in order to drive future bookings from their respective social networks.   Check out the overview video below or check out the more in-depth article/interview at Contagious Magazine.

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