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Friday, September 7, 2012

La Casa Eco & Sodimac - Skip This Behavior

As skippable pre-roll advertising becomes more and more prevalent, it's fascinating to see the emergence of clever ways to leverage the format.  In particular I've seen more and more advertisers creating skippable pre-roll advertising that somehow incorporates the 'Skip This Ad' button that appears on YouTube TrueView ads.  The latest and perhaps most clever execution comes from La Casa Eco & Sodimac in Chile.  Developed by Mayo Digital, the pre-roll aims to raise awareness about bad ecological habits and do it in just a few seconds.  For example, as the pre-roll starts an infographic type image is shown with the message:

'With that lightbulb that stayed on all day, you could've washed three full loads of laundry.

If you want to change this habit, the first change begins at home.'

A visual call out in the form of a pointer encourages users to click the 'Skip This Behavior' button.  Once a viewer clicked on the button they were redirected to a site packed with various ecological tips.  The result was that over 80,000 Chileans chose to 'skip a behavior' over the course of one week.  Very nicely done.  Check out the case study below.