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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Send A Tweet, Get A Cookie

Here's a nice piece of student work.  As Design Taxi writes:  
To reward Twitter users, Sweden-based Daniel Jansson, Alexis Morin and Sharon Williams of UmeĆ„ Institute of Design have created a cookie box that gives out the sweet treat when users post a tweet with a certain hashtag on Twitter. 

Called the ‘UID Cookie Box’, it reacts to tweets through lighting, and even refuses to give you another cookie if you had just gotten one—to help you watch your weight, maybe. 

You could easily imagine this extending out to brand usages where a tweet (or any social action) acts as  the currency to power a vending machines.  Basically the next (automated) evolution to things like the Twitter powered Special K pop-up shop in London from a few months back.

via Design Taxi