Friday, September 7, 2012

Public Enemy - Paralympics Harder Than You Think

Right, I swear this will be the last Olympic post.  You may remember a few weeks back I posted an amazing (as in one of the best commercials I've ever seen) Paralympic commercial fromn UK broadcaster, Channel 4. You can see that post here.  The spot, Meet The Superhumans, used Public Enemy's 'Harder Than You Think' as the musical backdrop to the rousing and emotional spot.  The song has also been used as the theme throughout Channel 4's coverage of the games.  The commercial has received amazing press and has launched the Public Enemy song onto the UK charts despite being released five years ago.  Impressed by the games and the coverage, Public Enemy decided to cut a Paralympic version of the video and full song.  As Chuck D said 'These athletes are about self-empowerment and determination. Doing what they do is harder than you think.'  Check it out below.

via David Anderson