Monday, June 10, 2013

Coca-Cola - The Ahhh Effect

Lately we've been seeing a trend in terms of brands creating open ended campaigns which feature light-weight, snackable content that can be quickly consumed by the audience and is completely platform agnostic.  A perfect example of this is the Coca-Cola Ahhhh Effect.

The Ahhh Effect fits in perfectly to the overall liquid content ethos of the brand as articulated by Jonathan Mildenhall in the now famous videos Coca-Cola Content 2020 videos.  The Ahhh effect, developed by Wieden + Kennedy, is a pure digital play.  The campaign is designed to be consumed in short bursts on mobile devices and features lightweight content such as mini-games, animated GIFS, short videos, etc.  Each piece of content lives on a distinct URL around ahhh (they've literally registered 61 different spins of, such as, etc.  As W+K describe:

The taste of Coca-Cola is a complex feeling of happiness, satisfaction and refreshment all at once, and yet there remains one little word that best sums it up: "AHH." 
In celebration of that "AHH" moment, Coca-Cola is owning AHH online by buying every URL, from two h's all the way to 61 h's. The campaign’s 61 unique URLs are each home to an original experience—including films, games, animated GIFs and more—that bring to life the dimensions of AHH and offer bite-sized interactive experiences featuring teen-worthy moments of randomness, creativity and delight.

Check it out at (or any variation thereof), beware it can become a huge rabbit hole and time suck.  My personal favorite is the Cat not Cat game (see below)

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